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Alexandra Morgan: Why I support California Forever

Wed Mar 27 2024

Originally published in The Vallejo Times-Herald

My commitment to our community extends well beyond the walls of my home. I love Benicia. I love Solano County. And I love California. That’s why I want to help nurture a vibrant, healthy environment where families can flourish.

Walkable communities are the cornerstone of a sustainable future. By focusing on developing places where people can live, work, and play without relying on cars, we’re promoting healthier lifestyles, fostering closer community ties, and reducing our environmental footprint.

That’s why I’m proud to support the California Forever Project. It’s a visionary initiative that’s close to my heart and essential to our future. It’s about preserving our region’s breathtaking natural landscapes, while at the same time enhancing our collective quality of life through the creation of a sustainable, walkable community.

This initiative supports the development of green spaces, pedestrian paths, and biking trails — making nature accessible to everyone and ensuring that our children grow up in a world where the environment is cherished and protected. The design of the community will enable us to engage more with our surroundings and with each other, leading to a deeper appreciation of our local environment and a stronger, more resilient community spirit.

In Solano County and across California, we have the opportunity to pioneer this change, making our communities not just places to sleep at night, but places to live and thrive. I urge every one of my fellow residents of Solano County to get involved with the California Forever Project. Whether through joining the effort to pass the East Solano Homes, Jobs and Clean Energy Initiative, or simply by choosing to walk or bike more often, your contribution can make a significant difference.

Let’s work together to build walkable, sustainable communities that will serve as a model for the rest of the world, preserving the beauty and health of California for generations to come. Join us in this crucial endeavor.

— Alexandra Morgan/Benicia