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More Jobs, Homes, and Clean Energy for Solano Residents

The East Solano Plan brings 15,000 local jobs paying over $88,000/year, a $200 million commitment to invest in revitalizing downtowns in existing Solano cities, and $500 million in community benefits for down payment assistance, scholarships, and small business grants for Solano residents.

A new regional sport complex for Solano County

We’ve heard a consistent refrain from parents across Solano County: families are wasting hours in the car every weekend driving to tournaments and games because we lack regional sports facilities here in Solano. These games and practices should be about team spirit, not traffic jams.

That’s why we’re forming a community working group to help us solicit input and inform the design of a Solano Sports Complex, a multi-sport facility for youth and adult sports. Learn more here.

More good paying jobs

Every Solano family should have the chance to achieve the California Dream. This means having access to rewarding jobs right here in Solano County. Too many of us spend hours every day in super commutes to the Bay Area or Sacramento, instead of being with our families. We’re excited to announce two important updates on our goal to create 15,000 well-paid jobs in Solano County in the next decade: bringing new employers here, and directly creating over a thousand jobs in our solar energy business. Learn more here.

Partnering with Merit America to help Solano residents land higher-paying jobs 

California Forever partners with Merit America to provide Solano residents with training programs, helping them secure higher-paying jobs. A $140,000 grant will fund technical courses, aiming to bridge the income gap and boost economic mobility in Solano County. Learn more here.

$500,000 awarded to Solano nonprofits

We are excited to share the recipients of our first community funding grants designed to support nonprofits across Solano County. Last December, we promised an initial $500,000 in grant funding to help close the nonprofit funding gap in Solano County. We have now fulfilled that promise. Learn more here.

This initiative is by far the most innovative and groundbreaking project in city planning over the last 50 years. This project is the future for my grandchildren and I want to be in the forefront to make it happen. How will it turn out? Only the future knows and I'm hoping for the best. I do know that doing nothing is not a viable alternative.

Dwight Calloway
Fairfield, CA

What I appreciate the most about the project is that it will create tens of thousands of good paying jobs and be an economic engine for the entire county. Many residents waste two to four hours commuting outside of the county every single day. This initiative paves the way to create jobs closer to home – that means more time spent with children, parents, grandparents, family and friends. A walkable, sustainable community with safe and vibrant neighborhoods is greatly needed.

Daniel Lee
Rio Vista, CA

Supporting and strengthening Travis Air Force Base

We believe the East Solano Plan will increase the resilience of Travis AFB, with a new much larger security zone, homes that Airmen and their families can afford, new job opportunities for military spouses, and a whole new aerospace & defense innovation zone in Solano County. We have worked hard to adjust the project to support Travis’ vital mission, and on February 15th, Travis AFB issued the following statement (original link):

Where would this new community be located?

What is the Solano Jobs Guarantee?

What is the $400 million Solano Homes For All Guarantee?

"We’ve all talked about creative solutions for what comes next in Solano County. Building a new community in East Solano that can serve as an economic engine for all of Solano County for the next half a century offers us just that. It’s a chance to bring some great things to Solano – and a chance to make sure our kids and grandkids have a future here."

Let’s create tomorrow together, by Michael Fortney, Head of Partnerships, 3rd generation Solano resident

How would this new community protect what makes Solano special?

What's the timeline and process for this project?

"I am optimistic...everything I’ve seen and read so far looks like what the New Urbanists have been trying to get on the ground for 40 years....every great city was originally founded on open land where people could make a living."

– Steve Mouzon, architect & planner (link)

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