Creating Jobs in Solano County

Creating jobs in Solano County

Employer commitment

California has always stood for technological and cultural innovation. Companies founded and based here have created many of the products and services we all use every day. These companies have also created well-paid jobs that have made the California Dream possible for millions of families. We are proud to be part of California’s vibrant and innovative economy, where we collectively employ thousands of people.

We want to continue growing, and to hire more people in California. However, in the last decade, the escalating cost of housing has made it challenging for us to provide a high quality of life for our employees and to grow our companies here.

The East Solano Plan is an audacious idea, but California has always been a place that found bold and exciting solutions to even our most difficult problems. We believe in this vision for a sustainable community with lots of room for both manufacturing and office work, combined with walkable neighborhoods, opportunities for home ownership, safe streets for children, and access to parks and recreation.

If the new community is approved as proposed, this would give us the confidence that there’s plenty of room for our business to flourish over the next few decades, both in terms of office and industrial space, and in terms of homes for our employees.

As we enter the new post-pandemic era of work, we are all making decisions about where and how to grow our companies. If Solano County voters approve the project this November, we would be interested in bringing jobs to the new community and finding other opportunities to work together to expand the California Dream.

Announcing our first group of employers

“Hadrian is building a series of factories across America to enable Space & Defense manufacturers to get parts 10x faster and halve the cost of making rockets, satellites, jets & drones. We are excited by the vision of amazing neighborhoods located next to a manufacturing zone designed to accelerate innovation in California. If the East Solano Plan was shovel ready today, we would already be looking at acquiring space for a new factory there.”

Chris Power
Founder & CEO

“By combining innovative silviculture with tools typically reserved for the life and crop sciences, we can expand the frontier of nature-based removal and accelerate and maximize carbon drawdown, while simultaneously remediating and improving degraded and marginal land. We’re intrigued by the prospect of California Forever and look forward to exploring, in greater detail, the construction of a new indoor nursery capable of growing more than 10 million seedlings in East Solano.”

Maddie Hall
Co-founder & CEO

“Serve develops advanced, AI-powered, low-emissions sidewalk delivery robots that endeavor to make delivery sustainable and economical. We believe in bold solutions for a greener, better future, and we're excited about California Forever's vision for a new city with homes people can afford, in walkable neighborhoods, powered by clean energy.”

Dr. Ali Kashani
Co-founder & CEO

"BuildCasa believes that we need an 'all of the above' approach to solving the housing shortage. We're excited to support California Forever's bold vision for Solano County."

Ben Bear
Co-founder & CEO

“Motive empowers the people who run physical operations with tools to make their work safer, more productive, and more profitable. We believe in bold ideas that have the potential to transform the way we live and work, and we support California Forever’s vision for the community in Solano County.”

Shoaib Makani
Co-founder & CEO

“Instant Teams and Twelve Million Plus will be supporting California Forever’s commitment to the military community, employment, and initiatives.”

Erica McMannes
Co-founder and Chief People & Community Officer

“Meter provides internet infrastructure for businesses. We build enterprise-grade networks that are faster, more accessible, and more secure. We believe in reimagining the status quo and building for the long term, which is why we’re excited about California Forever’s vision for a new city in the Bay Area, with walkable neighborhoods, clean energy and homes people can afford.”

Anil Varanasi
Co-founder & CEO

“Partnering with California Forever allows us to extend our passion for uplifting architecture and spaces to a visionary urban scale. We love their thoughtful design and experimentation that elevates living while respecting the environment on an urban scale and are excited to be a part of it.”

Alexis Rivas
Founder & CEO

Solano is sick of the supercommute

Glenda Odenez
Kenny Hutton

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