About California Forever

California Forever is the steward of over 60,000 acres in southeastern Solano County. We manage these properties across four divisions: community building, energy, agriculture, and habitat conservation. We are committed to Solano County, and we look forward to being a good steward of these lands for generations to come.

Community Development

The East Solano Plan calls for bringing good paying jobs and middle class homes to Solano County by building a new walkable community in East Solano County.

The new community was intentionally located on non-prime farmland, and completely outside of ecological habitat areas of Suisun Marsh, Jepson Prairie, Cache Slough, and the legal Delta.

Over time, this new community will bring good paying jobs and homes that people can afford to Solano County. In the meantime, since that buildout will take many years and decades, the properties continue being used for agricultural operations.

Renewable Energy

In our energy business, we own the majority of acreage that supports wind farms located in the Montezuma Hills Wind Resource Area, including the High Winds, Shiloh I through IV, Montezuma FPL I and II, and SMUD Solano 2, 3, and 4 projects. Combined, these wind projects have installed generation capacity of over 1 gigawatt.

The wind resource area is located south of Highway 12, and south of the proposed new community. In the area located north of the new community, we are proposing to build one of the largest solar farms in California. The solar farm would be designed with technology that's acceptable to Travis AFB.

The site has the potential to generate capacity in excess of 2 gigawatts, with the final total likely constrained by transmission capacity. There are five major high voltage transmission lines crossing the site, with one new one expected by 2028. This is enough to power the equivalent of approximately 1.5 million homes in Solano County and across the broader region.

Agriculture – Rangeland, Dry Farming, and Orchards

California Forever maintains and manages tens of thousands of acres of grazing land and a few thousand acres of farmland. Our agricultural operations currently lease our properties to local ranchers and farmers, in many cases under long-term leases that span decades. We operate the remaining properties directly through local farm managers.

Habitat – Conservation & Mitigation

In our habitat conservation work, we're the stewards of many habitat conservation and protection areas. These include several conservation banks on Jepson Prairie, which collectively contain many vernal pools that flood in the winter, creating a unique habitat for wildflowers, amphibians, crustaceans, and birds. Our stewardship also touches Suisun Marsh, where our properties help conserve freshwater emergent wetlands and grasslands.

Our holdings include both existing conservation/mitigation properties, and lands that we will permanently protect and put under conservation easements in the future. Some of those properties will likely provide mitigation for the new community. With others, we look forward to forming mitigation banks that will provide mitigation credits to other developers and agencies in Solano County.