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Updated land exchange offer – public agencies can choose whether to make closing subject to voter approval or not

By California Forever · Fri Nov 10 2023

We are pleased to see the reactions to our land exchange proposal that would protect Travis Air Force Base, create a 15,000-acre contiguous preserve on the Jepson Prairie, and fund completion of the Solano County Habitat Conservation Plan. Regardless of the ongoing discussion about our project itself, even those skeptical of our project have publicly stated that the land exchange is a good idea.

The main objection we have heard is that the land exchange should not be conditional on voters approving our project – people want the exchange to happen whether our project is approved or not, because they want to see Travis AFB and Jepson Prairie protected in either case.

In our original offer, we offered to make the closing conditional on voters approving our project because we thought that both public agencies and voters would appreciate having that secondary approval. That condition was not intended for our benefit. Therefore, since many residents are saying they want the exchange to happen in either case, we are pleased to modify our offer.

Under the revised offer, Solano County, City of Fairfield, and SCWA can now choose whether to make the land exchange conditional on voter approval of our project in November 2024. If those agencies prefer, we will structure the agreement so that the land exchange is guaranteed to happen regardless of the outcome of the vote.