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Welcoming new community ambassadors

Tue Jul 09 2024

We are excited to welcome new community ambassadors to our team to support our community engagement work. These thoughtful individuals have deep roots in communities across Solano County and are facilitating a two-way dialogue with residents about the East Solano Plan to hear residents' ideas and answer questions about the new community. 

To date, ambassadors have taken part in a number of events and conversations across the County and are excited to hear more from Solano residents as they host conversations, reach out and plan events across the county in the coming weeks. 

The ambassador program is part of an ongoing community engagement process that started last year and will continue throughout the approvals and build out of the new community.

The November 2024 vote on the East Solano Homes, Jobs, and Clean Energy initiative is an initial step in that process. The vote is required to allow the proposed site to be considered for development. 

After the vote, the initiative requires additional community engagement during the environmental review and negotiation of the development agreement, including input on the design of the $500 million community benefits package. After that, the initiative requires that every year, we share plans for new projects being built with the community, and provide venues for questions and suggestions. By design, the Solano community will play a key role continually influencing the shape of the East Solano Plan throughout the next 40 years.

Our community ambassadors include, in alphabetical order:

Julie Daigle is a lifelong educator and a resident of Benicia for over 11 years who is passionate about the opportunity to build a sustainable city in East Solano County. She sees the East Solano Plan as a unique chance to give homes for future generations a home with green spaces and build new sources of community.

Dawn La Bar: Dawn has spent her career working in the Solano County local government, starting as a child support case worker for Solano County and most recently leading the City of Fairfield’s homelessness effort. She was named “Solano County Woman of the Year in 2022” by California State Senator Bill Dodd and supports the plan to bring new sources of housing to the county. 

Celina Perez is a military veteran from Vallejo and the Founder of First Chance Vallejo. She also serves as a Juvenile Justice Commissioner for Solano County and supports the plan to invest in the next generation of Solano residents. 

Sergio Pineda is a lifelong Dixon resident with a background in education and marketing. He is most excited about engaging the community and contributing to greater opportunities for future generations of Solano.

Tanya Powell lives in Fairfield and previously worked as the CFO of a national distribution company after serving as the CFO of a national train control contractor. She serves on the board of the largest charities in Solano County and is excited to see the East Solano Plan bring new investment and good-paying jobs. 

Kim Wright is a longtime resident of Fairfield and Dixon, deeply involved in her community as a dedicated volunteer and advocate for local initiatives. She is excited to bring her passion for fostering community spirit in support of the East Solano Plan.

If you want to connect with any ambassadors, please contact us here and we’ll be in touch.