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With Travis AFB concerns resolved, let's build a brighter future for Solano County

By California Forever · Fri Feb 16 2024

We are pleased that the revised initiative we submitted earlier this week has addressed and resolved any remaining concerns for Travis AFB. For details, please see the statement from Travis AFB.

We are committed to being a strong and productive community partner to the base and its families for decades to come, and to supporting the critical role it plays for both our national security and for Solano County.

With Travis AFB protected and its ability to fly its full mission secured, we look forward to building a new economic engine for Solano County. Our initiative will deliver middle class homes in safe, walkable neighborhoods, at least 15,000 jobs paying at least $88,000 per year, $500 million in community benefits programs including down payment assistance and scholarships for Solano residents, Travis personnel, and their children, $200 million in new investments into Solano downtowns, and up to two gigawatts of clean solar energy for the entire region. 

We are excited to build a brighter future for Solano County with the thousands of new friends and neighbors we have made in the last few months. Join us.